Blurring the line between what is real, and what is desired – The Pictures on Facebook

I am often reminded by my family that the love portrayed on the movies is not a reflection of the love we feel with our significant other in reality. This is because the love in the movies are just scripted performances, carried out by beautiful actors. On the other hand, the love we feel in reality is usually genuine; and reality being reality, nothing, not even our love life will ever be perfect.

You might be wondering what does this have to do with the course. Well it has a lot to do with this course. It is a reminder of what is real, and what is an act. Social media websites that has people posting perfect, photo shopped, and fun pictures of themselves, should also consider giving this reminder to their users. Not this exact reminder. But a reminder that the pictures posted on Facebook does not in any way, shape, or form represent ideal happiness, ideal beauty, or an ideal way of life. Those pictures are just what they are, a moment captured on camera.

Unfortunately, facebook users do associate what they see on facebook with success, happiness, and peace of mind. Then when their own lives lack the happiness, smiles, and people that they see on their friends’ facebook pages, they begin to fall in despair, and depression. This was proven in many studies conducted by many universities.

After reading these studies, I remembered myself in elementary school. While there, most of the time before I would ask my teacher a question, I would say, “I know this is a dumb question but.” My teacher would reply by saying, “there is no such thing as a dumb question. I am sure ten other students have the same question.” After speaking with other students I realized that my teacher was right, other students did have the same question. Therefore in relation to  Facebook causing people to feel lonely, and depressed, I realized that everyone must feel this way, even the popular ones.

But instead of helping each other, reaching out to each other, and filling each others’ emotional needs we put on an act on Facebook. We claim that we don’t suffer from any problems, and therefore live a perfect life. This is really sad because we  can be the solution to each other’s social problems, but instead  we  increase the sufferings of others, by making them think that they are the only one with the social problem.

Well I would like everyone to know that we are all suffering. We are all trying to feel accepted by others, not because we are needy, but because WE ARE HUMAN!!!! Therefor, STOP BEING DEPRESSED!!! STOP FEELING LEFT OUT!!!! I am not lying, I have proof.

1.    We are all lonely!!

The Atlantic magazine reported that the feelings of loneliness is widespread. In 1950, almost 10% of people lived alone in America. Then in 2010 that number went up to  27%.  Furthermore, in 1985, 10% of Americans said they do not have anyone to talk to. Then in 2004, that number went up to 25 % . The loneliness of people has lead to many emotional problems, and to a rise in the number of clinical psychologists, clinical social workers, nonclinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, mental-health counselors, substance-abuse counselors, nurse psychotherapists, and life coaches to whom people open up to instead. Additionally physicians in the west are saying that there is an epidemic in loneliness.

Then when facebook came, with its promise of connecting people, people got attracted to it, and joined in. However we are human, we have too much pride. Therefore we don’t admit our problems to the public or show weakness. Instead we try to put the most positive image of ourselves out there.  We do this by only sharing the good moments of our lives on facebook, and then exaggerating everything from our love life, and to how happy we are.

2.    Not everyone is Beautiful

Next another negative impact Facebook has on people is making them think that they are ugly. We have all experienced this. After going through a friends Facebook page, we may start feeling insecure about the way we look. University of Strathclyde, Ohio and Iowa conducted a research to find the impact of Facebook on body image. They found out that yes, women compare themselves to other women on Facebook, and as a result end up feeling terrible about their own physical appearance. WELL DON’T!! I am saying, DO NOT feel that way. Most women on Facebook only post the pictures that they are wearing  makeup with. Most only found the courage to post makeup free picture for a recent cancer fundraising, “#NoMakeupSelfie” campaign.

Furthermore, The Renfrew Centre, who has a mission to empower women to change their lives, surveyed 1710 adults about the pictures they post on Facebook. 70% of women, and more than 50% of men  admitted to editing their pictures before putting them on Facebook. Therefore in the future do not believe in the beauty of the pictures you see on Facebook. Photo editing software, and makeup can dramatically change the appearance of an individual. Below are some before and after examples of edited photos that will hopefully convince you that pictures  on Facebook can be edited, and are being edited. Edit your own pictures, and see how different you will look. If you are not comfortable with photoeditors, then wear makeup before taking pictures.


George clooney photoshopped

Before and after from a photo editor


Before and after makeup

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 10.40.34 PM

Before and after Photoshop

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 10.00.39 PM

Before and after photo editor

3.    What kind of role model are you being for your children

Well we adults are not the only one enslaved to Facebook. Teens and tweens are also affected by the politics of Facebook.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 11.26.34 PM

Young girls today want to  gain popularity, acceptance, and maintain a reputation that will protect them from bullying, and ridicule. The best way for teens and tweens  to gain popularity on Facebook  is to post outrageous, rebellious, and sexualized pictures of themselves. As a result their pictures on  Facebook is beginning to show more and more skin. After posting their revealing picture, these young girls want likes from boys, and other popular students; not from their friends. This is devastating since they are suppose to enjoy their childhood, and invest in their future.

So be a role model to your children, and other youngsters in your life. Teach them to accept themselves, and love themselves first before stooping low and buying it from others.

I want to end with saying please do not be influenced by Facebook, and  feel like an outcast. You are not lonely or a loner. You are a human. We are all on the same boat. As Ghandi said, “be the change you wish to see in the world .” Therefore start. Create groups, create pages, and organize events that will encourage people to stop living a fantasy, to stop acting that their life is perfect, and get real before this short life passes them by. Use Facebook to  change social media, from a place where we show off, to a place where we connect, help one another, and support one another.










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